About Us


Are you a Business Owner or Manager needing a Total Marketing Solution?

We at Epoch Online love to deploy and manage results-focused Internet Marketing solutions and associated applications (standard and custom)—with the type of presence and strategies that attract new and retain, even convert, existing customers. We thrive on delivering what's needed to achieve goals as well as a defined return-on-investment (ROI). We'll plan, then execute strategies and solutions that target savings and additional revenue by using Internet marketing services such as:

  • Responsive Interactive Websites
  • Mobile Applications (Apps)
  • E-commerce Solutions and Shopping Carts
  • First-Page Organic Search Engine Positioning
  • Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Management and Marketing
  • Notification Marketing
  • SMS and MMS Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising and Management
  • Contest and Sweepstakes Marketing
  • Content Creative and Development

To demonstrate and reinforce your success using Epoch Online services, we offer frequent progress meetings. You'll see integrated real-time client-side and server-side analytics and statistics from "top shelf" data and tools that provide simple and advanced views of visitor, usage, conversion, application, site, and other data.