Why Move to Mobile-First Design?

Decision Time!

  • 19 September 2023
  • Author: Eric Smith
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Learn Here How to Determine Your Approach

First, discover what mobile-first design is—and, importantly, why and when would you consider it over or in addition to responsive.

Actually, deciding between responsive design and mobile-first design is simpler than you might think. Start by taking a look at your own Google analytics, your budget, and your business trends 3-years out to discover how and when people access your site, now and likely in the future. Consider some user testing. Then voila, take it from there and address the needs of your customer base, be they desktop, mobile, or a true combination inspiring two separate sites.


Decision Time

To help you to decide if a mobile-first design approach is most advantageous for you, consider:

Pros of Mobile-first

  • Helpful if users primarily Internet search on phones
  • Designs tailored to mobile will function better
  • Less costly than Android, iOS, and hybrid apps

Cons of Mobile-first

  • When switching to desktop, designs won’t be fully optimized
  • Won’t work well with content-heavy websites

Help is Here to Decide

It’s really all about getting your information into the hands and minds of consumers when and where they need it, conveniently, and before competition can swoop in ahead of you. Contact Epoch Online to learn the best approach to take, and then let us make it happen.

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