Case Studies

Case Studies


Case Studies


Sometimes an “out of the box” application will not do or the competitive or differing aspects of your business requires proprietary software or custom application. This is the “needs case” for the following “narrowly focused” application I’m going to demo in a 4 to 5 part series.

As part 1 of the series, we are going to look at extensive Search, filtering, Sorting, and Organizing. We never want to have data in a system that can’t be easily located and organized.

As for the videos, please notice the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). It is responsive and is built using responsive (for desktop, tablet and phone) technology. By the way, applications can be developed faster and more economically with rapid application development tools, known as RAD. Overall, the outcomes and successes of an application project are far better today than in the past.

Epoch Online’s team includes professional, experienced, and seasoned developers of server-side multi-tier and client-side applications including mobile, database, and Cloud API functionality using advanced platforms and libraries utilizing .NET, JavaScript, MS SQL, and more.

Simply put, we are hyper-focused on putting together “do more with less” or revenue generating solutions utilizing both custom development and integration with third-party applications like Office 365, Dynamics, QuickBooks, SAS solutions like, and more.