QR Codes are Fun!

What type of QR Codes can I create?

  • 11 May 2021
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QR Codes are Fun!

There are so many ways you can successfully use QR Codes. You may choose from URL, vCard, Plain Text, Email, SMS, Twitter, WiFi, Van Wraps, and even Bitcoin. 

The parts of a QR Code!

A.K.A the Anatomy of a QR Code...

  • 17 March 2021
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The parts of a QR Code!

It’s the 90s and you have just ejected your video cassette, leaving the square TV screen in a state of static white noise. Visually, that is what comes to mind when some people look at the QR Code. A complex matrix of black and white squares. Though looking like a pixelated image, each one of those squares is actually a marker serving a greater function in the information-sharing capabilities of the Code.

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Why Are Backlink Audits Important?

Why Are Backlink Audits Important?

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlink are links leading back to your website. Think of backlinks as referrals. Most backlinks are good. Some are not because they come from irreputable places. You only want the best link, or websites referring visitors to you uand  your website. Consider this — you’d prefer advice from a trusted friend versus a shady individual, right? The oncept applies here. 

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