• 9 November 2020
  • Author: Eric Smith
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Statistics show a staggering 8.6 trillion SMS and MMS messages sent yearly globally, out of the world population of just under 8 billion.

Americans alone send 6 billion SMS texts daily.

SMS, or Short Message Service, messages are typically simple text messages; MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service, are texts with pictures, audio, contact info, or links. That’s really something, especially since the first-ever text was sent in 1992.

There are just too many opportunities and ways to create targeted on-demand and scheduled campaigns to not take full advantage of this heavily used technology. SMS and MMS can include both opt-in database creation and opt-out options that would allow for interested consumers to take note of special features and offers of interest.

Direct connections for a tornado shelter provider

As a tornado shelter provider, you can encourage customers and potential customers to opt-in for notices, announcements, requests for surveys, offers, support assistance, and so much more. Texting is a perfect way to communicate, two-way, to anyone or to groups with just a simple post and a push of a button. You can even schedule a text on a birthday, anniversary, or important date. (In touch, on their minds).

Let Epoch Online help you think about this form of communication and marketing today! With Epoch Online, you can get started for as little as $299 per month—Epoch Online can help you get started, and we can manage programs and campaigns. (Keep in mind, our Agency of Record agreements include this service as a part of the bundle).

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