30 Days to a Better Internet Presence

Internet Marketing Can Be the Most Effective Marketing in Today's Marketplace!

Marketing your business using the Internet with the many tools and platforms available can be daunting. First, there is the complexity of using the Internet itself. Second, there is the fact it's constantly evolving. So how do you get strarted or excel at it? The trick isn't just to get started, it's about developing a strategy focused on getting and measuring results using proven best practices and analytics and ROI tools. It's about the continueos cycle of efforts toward planing, developing, implementing and measuring.

The posts on this blog and associated with the category title "5 steps" will help you create a better Internet marketing precense. With one tip for every day of the month, you’ll be closer to dominating your market in no time!

Let's get started!

Inventory your competition and the related details that follow:

1.  Search Google, Yahoo, and Bing for direct competition. Competition that directly competes with your business (i.e. those that sale what you sale).
2.  Inventory those websites that are competiing with you on Google (i.e those on the pages where you want high posistions)


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