Turn Webinars Into Conversions

Companies should consider event marketing in the form of webinars. Why? Event marketing has become one of the most effective ways to present or provide value to attendees (a potential or existing customer), often at no cost to them. In the process of hosting the event, your attendee often learns and ends up with the perception you are the “go-to” provider in your industry regarding product, services, and expertise related to the event topic(s).

The sky is the limit when it comes to topics. A few examples follow:

  • Presenting shelter types, material and costs;
  • Discussing warranties and guarantees;
  • Explaining the importance of precise, accurate installation.

The Ultimate Goal is a Conversion

Don’t be confused. This form of marketing is all about winning over a customer by educating the customer. The “winning” is a “conversion.” A conversion would include something like an opted-in email for follow-up marketing, a cell number for ongoing text messaging, an appointment to discuss a potential project, and even that future purchase. You get the point. It’s about building a relationship while listening, understanding, and engaging in two-way communication with the most important party: your potential customer and/or existing customer.

Need assistance?

Epoch Online can teach or help you strategize, create, promote, manage, and memorialize your events and webinars.

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